My recent interview on The Frank DeCaro Show on OutQ - SiriusXM Radio

This blog post is a video that we pulled together to accompany the audio tack of my recent interview on The Frank DeCaro Show. The interview was conducted by the show's regular guest host, Dennis Hensley, as Frank was traveling to NYC for gay pride.  Dennis and Frank are both old friends of mine, so when I got an email from Dennis, asking if I could join him on the air the next day,  I jumped at the chance. 

At Sirius/XM, the offices and studios were bustling with the amazing energy that I remember NYC to be all about, a guy in a suit standing next to a guy in shorts and flip-flops, each in line for the same bathroom stall, each anxious to get through the line fast enough to stay on schedule.  I was thrilled to finally see the infamous “Rainbow Room” at Sirius/XM OutQ radio.  It was easy to get delusions of grandeur being the center of a live segment broadcast from Rockefeller Center— the rich history of news and entertainment that have been produced in those buildings is just astonishing.  I had given myself extra time to arrive early, but I got caught up in unexpected Holland Tunnel traffic on my way in from the beach.  My voice was starting to go because of June allergies (Ugh!).  As soon as I arrived, I was rushed right into the studio with just a few moments to spare.  The whole experience is a blur, I felt rushed and self-conscious the whole time.  So, all things considered, I am pretty happy with the way it went.  But I have to say, I was sad not to get to meet Doria Bittle in person, as she is one my favorite on air personalities, but being live on air with her and Dennis from opposite coasts was a pretty cool experience. 

The video runs a little over 20 minutes and the first five minutes is some fun talk-show banter with the hosts about the "20,000 Pyramid" type-game they had played just before I came on, so if thats not your thing, stick with it, or fast forward to get to the good stuff about the book.  

Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen, and I hope you enjoy the interview.  

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