A partial list of things....

The dozens of people who have read SFCPT all tell me that they love David’s lists.  I have decided to start making some about me… check my blog for more in the weeks to come.  Here is the first:

A partial list of things that make me a feel like a living anachronism:

  1.  I was a (somewhat) out teenager a decade before there were out teenagers.
  2.  I love plays more than musicals and films, Chekov and Ibsen especially.
  3. I had a 70’s sex life in the 90’s.
  4. I loved 80’s Pop Fashion the first time around, now that its back I regret the pictures enough to go with Surf Style.
  5. I was HIV+ when that meant certain death, but I remain healthy as a horse.
  6. Until my thirties all my friends were a decade or more older than me.
  7. After forty, I made a new group of friends—a decade or more younger than me. 
  8. I finished high school using a typewriter, but have never used one in a professional setting.
  9. I know what wasn’t included in the Into The Woods movie, and how the Act I Prologue was changed for Meryl’s limited vocal range.
  10. Nina Simone.
  11. Books— I still read and write books. 
  12. I remember the phone number of my childhood neighbor, but can’t remember the phone number of the man I live with now.
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