A partial list of things that make “religious freedom” laws ridiculous:

The dozens of people who have read SFCPT all tell me that they love David’s lists.  I have decided to start making some about my life and/or current events… check my blog for more such lists in the weeks to come. 

Recently passed laws in Arkansas and Georgia argue that men and women should be allowed to withhold services from people they find to be “morally objectionable on religious grounds,” such as the LGBT community and unwed mothers.  Here is just a partial list of why those laws are ridiculous:

1)    The laws allow believers to punish those who do not believe, this is the opposite of religious freedom.

2)    One of this country's false originnarratives says English people seeking to escape religious persecution founded the USA.  Now we are trying to create an environment that replicates the enviornment those people fled.

3)    The same people who are now seeking a “special right” to deny service to others once criticized gay marriage as being a “special right”.

4)    The constitution – the first amendment says congress can make no law establishing a religion; therefore it follows that no religious beliefs can be treated preferentially over another. 

5)    Most of the supporters claim to be Christian, but Jesus never instructed his followers not to serve their fellow man. 

6)    Selective enforcement – will the business owners be required to survey every costumer and apply a uniform standard to the denial of service?  Or will they be allowed to use their own judgment as to who is “immoral”.

7)    How many of the supporters would accept gays not serving them because of their religion?

8)    How many of the law's supporters would be denied service by other believers if everything they had ever done was put under scrutiny?

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