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Remember World AIDS Day? It's Today.

the past few years the observation of the day has been experienced a kind of renaissance. As the AIDS Free Generation movement has taken hold, and the Berlin Patient, PrEP and other scientific advances in the field of AIDS treatment and prevention, a new hope seems to be inspiring us to rediscover our passion to fight, or at least to make the discussion of AIDS and HIV to return to a place of relevance. 

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The Unexamined Cost of Reduced AIDS Activism.

Last week on a sex site, I got a message from a twenty-four year old, that said, “I just read your profile. You have AIDS.  You don’t have a chance,” —I assumed he meant a chance with him.  I had not attempted to hit on this young man; he offered this message of his own volition, without solicitation. Over the past decade, my experience of comments like this has become increasingly frequent, and this is among the more reasonable unsolicited rejections.

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Steve Anderson - More Sad Than Vile. Who Knew That Was Possible?

If I wasn’t too busy laughing at him, I might get really upset about Steve Anderson’s incredibly vile and homophobic remarks that suggest an AIDS-free America might be possible if all the gay people were murdered before Christmas.  He has single handy given a whole new operational tact to the AIDS Free Generation movement.

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Regarding the "End of AIDS" Debate

Have we looked deeply enough into our motives?

First, this blog entry is meant as an explanation of questions that have haunted me for many years.  Even before the current "End of AIDS" debate began, I wondered about the questions I pose here.  I skirted with the subject briefly in my novel, but I did not delve as deeply into it as I will here.  I want to be very clear that this is an exploration of a personal fears, and some doubts I have about the motives behind much of the debates we see in our community.  It is not a suggestion of any one individual's or movement's actual motives.   

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Abandon the Road. The World is a Splendid and Fluid Thing.

I love life.  I love the size and complexity of the world.  I love the truth in the old saying, “If you want to make God laugh, make a plan.”

I also HATE that saying. 

I hate it because in this world, I must always learn.  I can never be sure.  I hate it because I must constantly accept that no matter how hard I work, my vision will never be realized.  I will never be able to make what exists in my imagination become reality. 

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