Other Praise

"This book is allegedly fiction but rings so true you would swear it's autobiography. By turns hilarious, tender, painful and jaw-dropping, it's an individual story that becomes the universal story of any of us who felt 'strange' and 'alien.' And I couldn't put it down. Trust me, that's an accomplishment."

—Jim David, comedian, author of You'll Be Swell

“Leslie L. Smith gives us a wide-ranging novel of sex and spirit, evoking a New York riven by AIDS and torn by a regretful past and uncertain future.”

—Stephen Greco, author of Now and Yesterday

“Leslie Smith has written a hell of a book. It's a roller coaster of a ride full of sex , sadness, loss and humor. It's a punch in the gut, a wake-up call and a confessional inspiration all in one. You will have a hard time putting this book down!"

—Julie Halston, actress and comedienne

"I downed Leslie L. Smith's Sally Field Can Play the Transexual in one big gulp. I just couldn't put it down and now my wrist hurts because I read it on my iPad. The book is deeply, funny, brave and challenging, clearly the end result of years of soul searching and personal evolution. What I loved most were the surprises. Every few pages, something dramatic and unique would happen that would cause me to have to look up from the book and catch my breath for a moment before diving back in. To quote Sally Field, 'You'll like it. You'll really like it'."

—Dennis Hensley, author of  Misadventures in the (213)Screening Party

"A poignant, incisive and unflinching exploration of a young man's journey toward self-acceptance in the face of loss. Through the story of a bitter Southern dreamer and hustler adrift in New York, Leslie L. Smith writes with candor and compassion of a generation grappling with desire, disease and the hope for social change."

—Robert J. Hughes, author of Late and Soon

"Leslie Smith and I share more than a first name.  He has such a wonderfully dry sense of humor.  He has always been a favorite of mine.  But who knew?  He can write!  This book is my era!  This book is the story of people I know!  Or better put... our era.... our story.  You will laugh, you will cry and best of all... you will think!!!"

—Leslie Jordan, Will & GraceAmerican Horror Story

"Leslie Smith has written a provocative, intriguing and delightful book about the power of sex, memory and secrets. The secrets we create to survive and the ones that hold us hostage to the past. Ultimately this is a story about taking risks, pushing boundaries, breaking free and moving forward in a way that only shared truth and personal forgiveness can provide.  All this and a very wealthy ghost."

—Tom Viola, executive director, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS

"Part ghost story, part bildungsroman, part cultural history. Funny. And very wise."

—Kevin Sessums, I Left It On The Mountain and Mississippi Sissy